the palmsite

Welcome to my palm site. Although I do not have a lot of software here
for downloading, I can say that every software here is worth the download.
No Junk. Quality is better then quantity in this case.

Sharing is caring so spread the word.

palmsite downloads with mini reviews:

3D Star Figher Pilot Full Version
A fun space fighter game. The spaceship models are all in 3D.
Good graphics and fast!

Billiards by MegaSoft, Patched
Great graphics and fun to play. The AI is a master even when
I have set it as beginer, or maybe I just suck..

Defender 2 Patched
The classic defender game is now available on the palm in
full color and sound.

A very addictive game. You have 30 days to make as much profit
selling and buying drugs from different cities while keeping the cops
and laon shark off your back!

funSMS version 3 PATCHED
Send SMS messages from your palm. Compatible, with Nokia, Siemens,
Ericsson and more.

Grand Theft Auto [ Demo ]

This is a demo of GTA but its REAAAALLLY cool! I will upload the full version
as soon as I can find it but for now this is better then nothing.
PLUS the demo is near impossible to find which makes this rare :)

Kyles Quest 2 v1.4.3
For RPG fans this game is a dream come true. Full color, excellent graphics
and wonderful game play.

Monopoly Full Version with Key
I am a huge monopoly fan but I was worried how this palm version would turn
out to be. Luckily it beat my expectations. The game is very fast and colorful.
Great fun and although the screen is tiny its still easy to play.

Omni Remote Pro 2
A very popular software that converts you palm into a remote control.

Palm Reader Pro with Extra Font Package
The best ebook reader out there. You can find all your favorite ebooks at
the Peanut Press site located at

Quick Office 5.64 Full Version with Key
Basically Microsoft Office for your palm. Includes QuickWord, Quick Sheet
and QuickChart. Cool huh?

Scrabble with key
This game is my favorite. I spend most of my daying playing against the palm AI.
Really fun, you can play a bit, then stop, then continue later. But I personally
have a hard time putting this game down. Definetly the game to have when stuck
on an island all by yourself....

Serious Sam Color Full Version
I was shocked to find out Serious Sam was available on the Palm. I always
envied the Pocket PC people because they had PocketQuake. Now you can also
have a First Person Shooter on you palm. Great graphics, No slowdown whatsoever.

Simcity v1.5 Color

Looks boring and dull compared to simcity 3000 but once you start playing
you will actually realize this is more fun. It a lot simpler and fun. It looks really
great on the tiny screen. You need to get this!!

Vegas BlackJack Patched
This is the best Blackjack game available for the palm.
Download it for sure, its loads of fun.

Vegas Video Poker with Crack
I used to love playing video poker at the casino. This poker game is THE BEST
poker game you can get on ANY system. Its the exact duplicate of the casino
machines and the controls are very easy.

Vegas Slots with Key
This slot machine game was designed and developed by the same people who
designed the Video Poker game above. That should be enough for you to download it.